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Track #Swarmageddon

And the cicadas return…check out this great post on The Two-Way from NPR about RadioLab’s quest to track the emergence!

via It’s Almost Cicada Time! Help Radiolab Track #Swarmageddon : The Two-Way : NPR.

Spring Awakening

It’s finally snowing in Ithaca, just in time for spring! While the winter weather sends many of us into hibernation, perhaps we can appreciate the emergence of a giant stick insect, Dryococelus australis.  Here’s a video of it emerging from an egg.  Presumed extinct in the 1960s from its native Lord Howe Island, these giant insects have been found and are now being successfully bred in captivity.  Hooray science!

For the full coverage, check out Krulwich Wonder’s blog post for today.


Robert Krulwich of Radiolab was recently awarded the Macarthur Genius grant.  Bravo!

His most recent post on Krulich Wonders, an NPR blog, presents a beautiful and delicious meal.  Complementary dishes for vegetarians and meat eaters, what Studiofeast calls their Doppleganger Dinner.  Looks like something I could really get behind… Duck breast with celery and sweet potato vs. grilled watermelon with fennel and carrots.

Image courtesy of NPR


Not only does this seem like a fun culinary exercise, it makes a statement about vegetarian diets.  That doesn’t seem so bad in light of our expanding agricultural environmental footprint (more on that later).


Huzzah!  Radiolab has won the Peabody Award for broadcast excellence!

If you’re unfamiliar, Radiolab is a program produced by WNYC exploring science, philosophy, and human experience while promoting wonder and creativity.  I posted a widget tried to post a widget so you too can experience the thought-provoking entertainment.  Alas, iTunes podcasts/streaming from the website will have to suffice.

Furthermore, they’ve highlighted a former episode and posted a clip where they interviewed the late Tom Eisner.  The clip: Glad Somebody Likes Bugs… – Radiolab.

Finally, as a plug if you haven’t heard about the federal funding cuts for NPR, I recommend looking into it.  And I hope you choose to support public radio.