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Photo Courtesy of the NY Times


An interesting project in Montana and a great display as a demonstration garden. Agricultural sustainability seems to be more than just a buzz word lately. Find more on Gloria Flora’s work here.


Huzzah!  Radiolab has won the Peabody Award for broadcast excellence!

If you’re unfamiliar, Radiolab is a program produced by WNYC exploring science, philosophy, and human experience while promoting wonder and creativity.  I posted a widget tried to post a widget so you too can experience the thought-provoking entertainment.  Alas, iTunes podcasts/streaming from the website will have to suffice.

Furthermore, they’ve highlighted a former episode and posted a clip where they interviewed the late Tom Eisner.  The clip: Glad Somebody Likes Bugs… – Radiolab.

Finally, as a plug if you haven’t heard about the federal funding cuts for NPR, I recommend looking into it.  And I hope you choose to support public radio.


It seems an odd pair of events to bring together: the death of the great entomologist Tom Eisner and the beginning of a new entomology blog.

Tom Eisner was a world renowned and respected scientist known for his pioneering efforts in insect chemical ecology.  His achievements are manifold and his influence immeasurable.  His book, For Love of Insects, was given to me recently by a good friend and former post-doc in my department.  What a great way to remember a monumental member of my academic community.

But with every death there is new life.

So I’m jumping into the blogosphere inspired by uncanny insects, biological mysteries, natural wonders, and food system complexity.  Just as spring pokes its way through blooming tulips here in Ithaca.